One Touch Looping with Ableton and Max (for Musicians)

Ok, so what’s going on here?

Large Global Quantization Clock: while doing live looping, this is to be able to quickly see where you are in the GQ – with a quick glance and away from the laptop (not having to be staring at tiny, tiny dials on the screen). Colors are adjustable. Currently only works in 4/4.

Streuner’s Looping Device: I had been looking for something like this for years and it finally exists thanks to Streuner and Evan. What this allows you to do is one-touch loop recording in Ableton!!! In the video, you can seen I’m using a mouse; however, the setup you see there is connected to an APC mini and with the configuration pictured, I can start a loop by pressing one of the grid buttons on the APC mini. You could also use a FCB1010 or whatever controller you like.

So the clip arm at 0:17 in the video can be done with a controller of your choice and then at 0:34 you see Streuner’s looping device automatically punching out after 4 bars (and you see that the global quantization clock is running at 4 bars). His device currently allows for auto punch out after 1,2 or 4 bars. Hopefully we can add 8 and 16 as well.

This functionality is really essential for musicians like myself who are using two hands to play and can’t punch out manually. Also, I find it’s a much more enjoyable experience to just start the loop and the rest is taken care of.

Some helpful tips:

  • Right click on the record arm to turn off the exclusive (single) arm preference. That way you can arm all 8 tracks at once – which allows for single button triggering of clip record.
  • Set all 8 track monitors to “off”. Then use additional tracks (8 & 9 in the video) for instrument ins and set the monitor to on. This setup will allow you to record into slots and keep your instrument(s) live.


Global Quantization Clock for Ableton (v4)

Streuners Looping Device (Mod 3)